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The supervision of housing property requires expert awareness in order to navigate regulation which protects the investments of landlords. MCR Solicitors benefits from a dedicated landlord team, delivering planned advice to professionally manage the leasing process from the outset, from advice on rental agreements and rent deposits to assurances, extensions, expiry and control. For housing landlord legal guidance that's personalised to your business, call our team for professional services. Our experts can give you the guidance you need and also assistance with removals and recruiting tenancy contracts.

For Landlords we can contribution you with a variety of issues such as;

  • Clashes about repairs
  • Health and Safety Actions
  • Accumulative Rent
  • Issues with the Council
  • Recovering Ownership
  • Recovering Rent Debts


Renting out property is not straightforward. Landlords need to comply with numerous statutory requirements. Failure to follow the law can result in serious practical and financial problems. Our method is the rapid recovery of arrears and supervision of claims to allow you to re-let properties and sustain your business, whilst tenant clients are able to move on and grow. Our qualified solicitors are capable to help with all sorts of ownership claims, accelerated claims including standard claim, and even ownership claims beside protected tenants. At wells know, however, that landlord and tenant disputes work both ways and a landlord can be faced with a claim from a tenant. We are experienced in defending claims by tenants relating to the condition of the property and the difficult issue of protection of tenants deposits. As you would suppose, we will clarify clearly the procedure, schedules and costs of getting or caring any claim.

MCR Solicitors experts who settle disputes whilst maintaining relationships wherever possible including;

  • Tenancy status and your rights, e.g. if you are given notice to vacate your home and are unsure how to proceed next.
  • Representation at court to those defending possession proceedings or warrants to evict, and to occupiers who are unlawfully evicted and wish to obtain compensation/reinstatement to a property.
  • To those who have purchased property under a long lease, advice on disputes regarding service charges or management of the building and advice on lease extensions.
  • Representation to court for those wishing to obtain compensation for disrepair and those who need repairs carried out.
  • Representation for those who face losing their home through allegations of anti-social behaviour.
  • Assistance in respect of tenancy deposit schemes and how deposits should be protected and disputes resolved

If you are made homeless our Housing law solicitors can offer further advice. Speak to a member of MCR Solicitors team to find out how our commercial landlord and tenant services can support you.

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