Civil and Commercial Litigation

What is a Litigation

Litigation is the term used to define proceedings started between two opposite parties to impose or protect a legal right. Litigation is usually settled by contract between the parties, but may also be handled and decided by a judge or jury in court. In maximum cases, this occurs the moment a party hires a solicitor to represent their welfares. Opposing to general belief, litigation is not just another tope for a lawsuit. Litigation covers any number of events previous, during, and after that a lawsuit to execute a legal right. In addition to the actual lawsuit, pre-suit negotiations, arbitrations, assistances and appeals may also be part of the litigation process. Our solicitors are also well regarded for their experience and ability to deal with cross-border litigation. Our litigation team is supported by commercial litigation specialists, who handle disputed or complex claims professionally and efficiently and will also advise more thoroughly. MCR solicitors are industry bests in providing the finest in legal advice and representation.

Civil and commercial litigation

Civil litigation contains the area of law which is concerned with the obligation of individuals, businesses, and other administrations, for which compensations and other remedies may be given. Civil law courts deliver a forum for determining disputes involving actions involving wrongful conduct, contract disputes, whether through negligence or by deliberate torts and any additional non-criminal litigation stuffs that include organizations and private parties as well as government entities. MCR represent clients over all stages of litigation such as pleadings, discovery, investigations, pre-trial matters, the trial itself, and if suitable, settlements and/or appeals of trial results.

Examples of civil litigation controlled by MCR include but are not restricted to the following:

  • Commercial litigation such as sales agreements and breach of non-competition agreements.
  • Construction litigation, including contractor payment claims, mechanic's lien and
  • Injunctive Relief, including short-term restraining orders and other emergency relief
  • Employment litigation
  • Trespass Actions
  • Landlord-tenant evictions

The team of litigators at MCR, solicitors, are highly respected by the judiciary as well as clients. Our solicitors are also well regarded for their experience and ability to deal with cross-border litigation. We deliver all of our clients with budget effective, industry top legal advice. The team at MCR carries with it in depth information and a wealth of knowledge of handling with a variety of difficult legal matters.

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